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She's an Aries. Xiaoqiao Character Information Force(s) Wu Age: 16 Height: 160 cm (5'3" Weapon Type: Twin fans (3~6, 8:E~9) Iron fan (7~8) Playable Debut: Dynasty Warriors 3 Historical Information Real name: Xiǎoqiáo Chinese name: 小喬 - 小乔 Born: Died: Though her exact name is unknown, Xiao" means "little" or "younger" making her name mean "Younger Qiao. Warriors Orochi Info Force: Samurai Wu Stage: Kyūshū (WO1) Kanegasaki (WO2) Odawara Castle (WO3) Character Type: Speed (WO1~2, 4) Technique (WO3) Personal Item: Sun Comb Sacred Treasure: Gullinbursti Xiaoqiao (onyomi: Shōkyō) is the younger of the Two Qiaos, making her Daqiao 's younger sister and Zhou Yu 's wife. Prior to the Battle at Chibi in Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang told her husband that Cao Cao wanted his wife. This considerably upset Zhou Yu and led to his approval to go to war. Her Dynasty Warriors incarnation is thirty-fifth place in Gamecity's Dynasty Warriors 7 character popularity poll and forty-seventh in the Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends poll. In Famitsu's character survey, she placed fourth in the sibling category and was the highest ranked female character. The latest poll for the eighth installment puts her in fifty-fifth. The character poll for overseas fans puts her in twelfth place for the Wu division. Before 2012, Koei titles separated the Chinese characters for her character's name and called her "Xiao Qiao. Her contemporary nickname is now properly localized in the games. Role in Games Edit " How can something so cute be so deadly? ~ Goemon; Warriors Orochi 2 Dynasty Warriors Edit Xiao Qiao marks her first appearance in Dynasty Warriors 3 during the Wu Territory battle where she fights to assist her husband during the battle. She later appears at the Nanman Campaign in which she stays near the side of the main camp along with Sun Shang Xiang. She also appears in Shi Ting, where she will try to take the western fort to surround Cao Xiu as part of Zhou Fang 's ploy. More often then not, she will succeed in her attempt with defeating Zhang Pu. In Dynasty Warriors 4, her role is basically identical to that of her sister's, often appearing in the same battles together. The two of them are more commonly seen in Wu's various endings. During her Legend Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4: Xtreme Legends, Xiao Qiao is cornered by Cao Cao at Tong Qiao Tai, who desires to have her join him. She refuses to be his and repeatedly defeats him and his accompanying generals, Cao Ren, Dian Wei, Xiahou Dun, and Xu Zhu. On his third defeat, he decides to capture Da Qiao in an attempt to lure the younger sister back to him. Upon seeing the Two Qiaos together, he attempts to obtain them for himself but is defeated by both of them. Her Musou Mode in Dynasty Warriors 5 revolved around her contributions to the Wu Army, much to the anxiety of her husband, Zhou Yu. Xiao Qiao supports her husband throughout the mode. Zhou Yu later on becames angry at Cao Cao for trying to seek Xiao Qiao whilst trying to invade the land, resulting in the Battle of Chi Bi. Her ending involves a healthy Zhou Yu living happily together with his wife after the land is peaceful. In the Xtreme Legends expansion, she shares her legend mode with her sister, Zhen Ji and Yue Ying. Together with their husbands, Zuo Ci challenges them to see which lord is worthy of the Imperial Seal. During the battle, the Two Qiaos bicker that their respective lord is better than the other and fight. When her husband gains the seal, Xiao Qiao openly admits that her true reasons for fighting in the competition was to prove that Zhou Yu is better than everyone else. Xiao Qiao's ending scene in Dynasty Warriors: Online has her scold the player for neglecting their promise to take her shopping now that the conflict is over. Admiring the various goods and products in front of her, she remarks that these moments are what peace is all about. Xiao Qiao has no story in Dynasty Warriors 6, but she appears at Xia Pi with Sun Jian 's forces and at Shi Ting. During her husband's story, she will also participate in the battles of Chi Bi and Yi Ling. She doesn't appear in any game cinematics during the first release but has a small appearance during one of Taishi Ci 's movies in Special. Xiao Qiao's first meeting with Zhou Yu is further elaborated on in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce. As a vassal of Liu Xun, she is given the task of guarding Wan Castle in his absence from Sun Ce 's army. But in reality, he merely uses her to do all the work while hiding in a convenient location. Though her defeat causes Liu Xun's men to scorn their lord, she is befriended by Sun Ce and Zhou Yu who decide to take her in as a new member of Wu. In Dynasty Warriors 7, Xiao Qiao does not appear in Wu's Story mode, but she does have her own Legendary Battles revolving around her husband. One of them has her acting on her husband's hatred towards Zhuge Liang. To please her husband and to defame his rival, Xiao Qiao hunts Zhuge Liang down to beat him up. Defeating the Shu generals who stand in his defense, she eventually corners her target. While she celebrates her victory, Zhuge Liang expresses disbelief in his loss against her. Her second Legendary Battle has her perform a similar act of loyalty in her hunt for Cao Pi. This time her husband accompanies her as she fights her way though several Wei generals. She appears in one of Zhou Yu's legendary battles, where he and Sun Ce defeat her and her sister in an attempt to win their hearts. The Xtreme Legends expansion adds a Hero Scenario specifically dedicated to Xiao Qiao's efforts at Chibi. The two famed strategists, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang, combine their efforts to defeat Cao Cao's massive army. Their plan would need a considerable amount of luck in order to succeed, but Xiao Qiao has faith in her husband and bravely arms herself for battle. Zhou Yu pleads with his wife to be careful as she escorts Zhuge Liang to his prayer location for the southern winds and defends him from various generals. Like other versions of Chibi throughout the series, the prayer and the following fire attack are keys for victory. Xiao Qiao happily celebrates the fire attack and their victory for her efforts have pleased her husband. Although Zhou Yu worries for her safety, it seems his fears were not needed and he thanks her. Da Qiao, who helped her during the battle, sadly remembers Sun Ce's death upon seeing her sister being praised by Zhou Yu. She cheers her sister up by saying they shall forever work together. During the third chapter of Dynasty Warriors Next, the Qiao sisters meet their future husbands who rescue them from a pack of ferocious tigers. Taken by their handsome looks and archery skills, Xiaoqiao asks for their companionship much to Daqiao's embarrassment. She continues to appear in every chapter henceforth as a Wu general, mostly staying at Zhou Yu's side. During Wu's ending, she and her sister are seen together with Lianshi as Sun Quan 's coronation ceremony begins. In Dynasty Warriors 8, Xiaoqiao's appearances are limited to the hypothetical story branches. She and the other women of Wu invade Xinye on behalf of their loved ones. Her contribution to the battle is saving a panda from a group of predators, thus gaining its assistance. If the player finishes the assault on Xinye fast enough, Xiaoqiao will rush ahead of the group and meet up with Lu Su 's group in time to participate in their fight against the Sima clan. In the expansion, she will arrive to assist her husband during his participation in a tournament between Wu's greatest strategists. In Wei's story, she appears along with her husband during the search for Cai Wenji and attempts take the pandas of the Wei forces. Xiaoqiao's bond stories in Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed mostly revolve around her romance with Zhou Yu. Before meeting her husband, she and her sister took it upon themselves to care for their sick father with Daqiao going out to find herbs and Xiaoqiao staying at home to watch over them. Having mistaken Sun Ce and Zhou Yu for kidnappers, she puts on a defiant face until Daqiao clears up the misunderstanding. Though understandably anxious of Zhou Yu's marriage proposal later on, Xiaoqiao gains the courage to go through with it with help from her sister. Her final bond story has her bake a special treat for her husband. Despite finding it too sweet for his tastes, Zhou Yu gladly eats it much to Xiaoqiao's delight. Warriors Orochi Edit During the events of Warriors Orochi, Xiao Qiao is part of a resistance army working alongside Okuni, Sakon, and Zhang Jiao. Her failure to properly follow Sakon's strategies when confronted by Nobunaga at Kyūshū results in her defeat. After being shown mercy by the Demon King, she and her allies join his army. Though quick to befriend new people in Orochi 's twisted world, Xiao Qiao yearns to save her husband and sister who are forced into serving the Orochi Army. Among her contributions to the Coalition include reinforcing the defense of Kanegasaki against the assault of Masamune Date, Zhang He, and Lu Bu. In the ending for the Samurai faction, she chides the feudal lords for trying to restart their personal conflicts with one another before being gently patted on the head by Nobunaga. Warriors Orochi 2 has her reunited with Zhou Yu, returning to the Wu forces. At Kanegasaki, with her friends Okuni and Ling Tong, she uses herself as bait to lure Dong Zhuo out from his hiding spot. Xiao Qiao faces him again in her team's dream mode where she, Nō, and Zhen Ji cooperate together to rescue most of the other women (and Cao Pi) from the tyrant's clutches. Xiaoqiao remained close to her husband in Warriors Orochi 3 ' s original timeline. When Wu was at war with Wei, they were suddenly overwhelmed and annihilated by a variety of forces. Before their position fell, Zhou Yu pleaded his wife to escape. Separated from her sister during the confusion, she tried to avenge her family's deaths by joining the defense at Odawara Castle, but she died fighting beside the other defenders. Kaguya and company eventually prevent this fate by gradually eradicating the serpent army surrounding the castle. Thankful for their rescue in the past, Xiaoqiao joins the coalition's cause. Obtaining information on the warrior's whereabouts, she helps Ginchiyo reunite with Muneshige at Mt. Xingshi. Eventually, Xiaoqiao herself rejoins with her husband and family at Changban. In the downloadable stage, Animal Rescue" Xiaoqiao and Sun Ce help Kotarō in saving animals that are driven from their homes by Yuan Shao. She also appears in the " Stop Thief. DLC stage, where she and Himiko steal one of Sima Shi 's meatbuns in order to feed a panda. In Ultimate, Xiaoqiao accompanies her sister in finding Sun Ce at Shizugatake. Upon hearing false reports of Zhou Yu's arrival, she hastily goes to his location until the enemy entraps her with a fire attack. Fortunately, she is saved by Daqiao and the others. After Shennong and Kaguya clarify that the heroes are currently trapped in the mirror realm, Xiaoqiao accompanies the heroes to Jiangdong, where they find the crack of the realm. Defeating the multiple doppelgängers, she is the first to escape the realm after the defeat of the realm's Lu Bu. Xiaoqiao remained by her husband's side when they were transported to the new world in Warriors Orochi 4. Aiding Sun Jian in fighting Sun Quan, she is defeated and joins her brother-in-law like the rest of Sun Jian's army. Hoping to make a gift for Zhou Yu, Xiaoqiao goes off on an outing with Masamune Date to find flowers, not knowing that her husband had cleared multiple hardships in her path. Eventually, their forces meet up and they work together to defeat the Demon army attracted by Dong Zhuo. Romance of the Three Kingdoms Edit 100man-nin no Sangokushi has a historical episode event with one of Sun Shangxiang's armed maids, Zhu Wenqin. The maid comes to her regarding news of the Parameter Breaking Seal. Unfortunately, Xiaoqiao is in a foul mood since her husband is ignoring her. After she spars with the nervous maid to vent her frustrations, she calms down and gives her the item in question. Her debut in the main series happened in the ninth title when the player has a Dynasty Warriors 4:Xtreme Legends save file on the memory card. In this incarnation she is an capable officer in all areas, including warfare. In the tenth title she is restricted as an marriage option and will stay confined in the players house. In later titles she has high INT, GOV and, above all, CHR in the games the stat in present. Her abilities for warfare are bottom low as an standalone officer, but with others commanders she can raise boost the army morale and naval aptitude. The XII and XIII raises her leadership, making Xiaoqiao a better commander, while still pretty mediocre. Character Information Edit Shin Sangoku Musou 15th Anniversary artwork. Personality Edit Xiaoqiao is a carefree and cheerful young teenage girl who is gutsier than her sister when hopping into action. Not one to fume over the details, she often takes the honest and straightforward path in battle. Although she's a capable fighter, her lack of restraint lands her in trouble and she often needs rescuing. Her snappy tongue can sometimes be blunt and slightly offending, which usually earns her sister's chiding. She acts in a manner that is more childish than her sister, and is offended when others point out her immaturity. Her love for animals is displayed in later titles of the series. She adores her husband's attention and tries her hardest to impress him. In the Asian script, she calls her husband "Lord Zhou Yu" but she additionally calls him all sorts of pet-names in the English dub. The latest installment for Warriors Orochi has her become fast friends with Gracia, who similarly wishes to go on adventures against the wishes of her loved ones. To her credit, however, Xiaoqiao successfully drags both Masamune and Zhang Bao into her outings, the former more exasperated with dealing with her. Character Symbolism Edit In the Japanese version of Dynasty Warriors 4: Empires, Xiao Qiao is given the nickname of "The Angelic Doll" while the English version changes it to "The Woman who Acts for Love, not War. As a dominant ruler in Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires, she and her sister call their five greatest warriors the "Five Qiao Generals. The Two Qiaos in the Dynasty Warriors series have items both beautiful in nature but contrast the other sister's naming themes. Her third and fourth weapons' original names notes that she is the delightful one of the two daughters. Her personal item in Warriors Orochi is originally named "Sunlight Flower Hair Ornament. As opposed to the gentle image of beauty her sister's item invokes, Xiao Qiao's item carries a tone that is livelier and cheery. The original name of Xiao Qiao's initial weapon associates her with peach blossoms. Within the flower language, it represents something that is charming or adorable. It can also mean a sense of possessiveness or belonging to the recipient of the flower, specifically from the sender's perspective. From a cultural viewpoint, peach blossoms are commonly associated with China, its fruits being the desired choice for gods and immortals in mythology. Voice Actors Edit Gina DeVettori - Dynasty Warriors 3 (English) Wendee Lee - Dynasty Warriors 4~5 (English-uncredited) Carrie Savage - Dynasty Warriors 6~8, Warriors Orochi series; first and second games only, Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (English-uncredited) Christina Benthall - Dynasty Warriors 9 (English) Beate Pfeiffer - Dynasty Warriors 3 (German-uncredited) Chen Xiaoyue - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Chinese) Yan Ma Ma - Dynasty Warriors 9 (Chinese) Lee Hyeonju - Dynasty Warriors 3 (Korean) Yeo Minjeong - Dynasty Warriors 4~5, Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao (Korean) Kim Chaeha - Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed (Korean) Junko Shimakata - Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi series (Japanese) Sumi Shimamoto - Romance of the Three Kingdoms drama CD series Youko Honda - Sangokushi Legion Eri Kitamura - Shin Sangokushi Quotes Edit See also: Xiaoqiao/Quotes "Eww! What's with him? Creep. "A good girl knows when is the time to go home! "I'm not a child! You stay out of this! "The two of us can take 'em! "Taste the strength of the world's greatest general! "Won't Zhou Yu be pleased when I defeat you! ~ Cao Cao and Xiao Qiao; Dynasty Warriors 5 "What's taking you so long, sis? Come on, faster! "Xiao Qiao, wait! Look, your ribbon is about to fall out! "Huh? What? Thanks. I guess I just can't do it without you. " Xiao Qiao and Da Qiao; Dynasty Warriors 5: Empires "I never get bored watching you. " I enjoy spending time with you, as well. Promise me we'll always be together. " Truly. I shall do all in my power to ensure that you never tire of my company. " Zhou Yu and Xiao Qiao; Dynasty Warriors 7 "Why, look! A cute little girl has wandered onto the field. Go home little girl, before you get hurt! "If you ask me, you're the one who looks like a little girl! ~ Zhang He and Xiao Qiao; Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends "My boys sure can be lazy at times. Look at how hard you're trying despite being so small. " Huh? Did you just praise me? Well, I still have to defeat you! ~ Zhang Chunhua and Xiaoqiao; Dynasty Warriors 8 "What is it? Why are you staring at me like that? Do you have a question? "Well, I'm thinking that you're actually smaller than me! Which means I'm the big sister! "What? Why? "The bigger of the two is always the big sister. That means you have to listen to everything that I say. " Is my power not working properly? But no, that would lead to a very different response. " What are you muttering about? Come on, pay attention to your big sister or I'll have to spank you! ~ Lixia and Xiaoqiao; Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers "Hey, wanna trade fans? "I don't think so. " I really think mine would suit you more. ~ Xiao Qiao and Mitsunari; Warriors Orochi "My hands are more steeped in blood than ever before. "The cries of death sound throughout the battlefield. Enjoy your eternal slumber. " Uhh. My eternal fans will bring you blood-steeped slumber. No, wait. ~ Nō, Zhen Ji, and Xiao Qiao; Warriors Orochi 2 "I'm sure you don't remember my name. But it's okay. I don't mind anymore. " You are one of the Two Qiaos of Jiangdong, the gloomy but beautiful Xiaoqiao. And you look much prettier when you smile. " Why you! You knew all along! Stop laughing! It's not funny! ~ Xiaoqiao and Muneshige; Warriors Orochi 3 "Xiaoqiao! Have you found anything interesting in this world? "Sorry, I'm not sure. They tell me not to go too far on my own. " Hummm! We are quite similar, then. My father is always stopping me. " Ah! Why don't we go exploring together? Something we can't do alone, we can do together! A secret expedition, just the two of us! "A great idea! You can count me in, Xiaoqiao! "Great! That settles it. The two of us will adventure together! ~ Gracia and Xiaoqiao; Warriors Orochi 4 Gameplay Edit See also: Xiaoqiao/Movesets Dynasty Warriors 9 Edit 『真・三國無双8』小喬アクション動画 Keys: Flow Attack • Reactive Attack • Musou • Jump/Mount Xiaoqiao is affiliated with the twin fans in this appearance. Unique Flow Attack: Unique Trigger Attack ( R1. Special Technique ( R1. Musou. Aerial Musou. Weapons Edit See also: Xiaoqiao/Weapons Dynasty Warriors 8 Edit Xiaoqiao still uses the iron fan as her default weapon in this title. But starting in Dynasty Warriors 8: Empires, her new weapons of choice are the paired fans. Gallery Edit Gallery Dynasty Warriors 3 concept Dynasty Warriors 3 render Dynasty Warriors 4 artwork Dynasty Warriors 4 render Alternate outfit Dynasty Warriors 5 artwork Dynasty Warriors 5 render Dynasty Warriors 6 artwork Dynasty Warriors 6 render Fury form concept in Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Fury form render Dynasty Warriors 7 artwork Dynasty Warriors 7 render Original downloadable costume Second original downloadable costume Dynasty Warriors 8 artwork Dynasty Warriors 8 render Original downloadable costume Dengeki collaboration downloadable costume Shin Sangoku Musou Blast reincarnated card Christmas Campaign card Dynasty Warriors 9 render Dynasty Warriors 9 civilian appearance Season Pass uniform costume Romance of the Three Kingdoms IX portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms X portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI render Sangokushi 12 portrait Sangokushi 12 Taisenban portrait Alternate portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIII portrait Sangokushi drama collaboration portrait Watercolor portrait Ningyougeki Sangokushi collaboration portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms XIV portrait 100man-nin no Sangokushi Hisho Collection collaboration portrait Rare portrait Thirtieth year anniversary portrait for 100man-nin no Sangokushi Special Sangokushi Legion portrait New Romance of the Three Kingdoms model Sangokushi Heroes portrait Sangokushi Battlefield portrait Sangokushi Online screenshot (Xiao Qiao is on the right) Pachislot Sangokushi render Sangokushi trading card artwork Card Collection portrait Yuki-onna Xiaoqiao in Youkai Sangokushi Fubukihime Xiaoqiao Youkai Sangokushi Kunitori Wars artwork Special portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao portrait Alternate skin portrait Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao sprite Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Legend of Cao Cao battle sprite Alternate skin battle sprite Toukiden Kiwami Taiwanese Mitama portrait Rekishi Paradise Gaiden Dai Sangokushi Club appearance Sangokushi Kaitai Shinsho appearance Comic Sangokushi True Episode appearance Comic Sangokushi True Episode Gaiden appearance Kyō in Neko Sangokushi Nyaa Sangokushi Spirits appearance Dynasty Warriors Dynasty Warriors 2 Dynasty Warriors 3 • Xtreme Legends Dynasty Warriors 4 • Xtreme Legends • Empires • PSP • Advance Dynasty Warriors 5 • Xtreme Legends • Empires • Vol. 2 • DS: Fighter's Battle • Mahjong • Online Dynasty Warriors 6 • Special • Empires • Strikeforce • Multi Raid 2 Dynasty Warriors 7 • Special • Xtreme Legends • Next • VS • Empires 100man-nin • SLASH • Blazing Battles Dynasty Warriors 8 • Xtreme Legends • Empires • Blast • Godseekers • Unleashed Dynasty Warriors 9 Shu Zhao Yun • Guan Yu • Zhang Fei • Zhuge Liang • Liu Bei • Ma Chao • Huang Zhong • Jiang Wei • Wei Yan • Pang Tong • Yueying • Guan Ping • Xingcai • Liu Shan • Ma Dai • Guan Suo • Bao Sanniang • Xu Shu • Zhang Bao • Guan Xing • Guan Yinping • Fa Zheng • Zhou Cang • Xiahou Ji Wei Xiahou Dun • Dian Wei • Xu Zhu • Cao Cao • Xiahou Yuan • Zhang Liao • Xu Huang • Zhang He • Zhenji • Cao Ren • Cao Pi • Pang De • Cai Wenji • Jia Xu • Wang Yi • Guo Jia • Yue Jin • Li Dian • Yu Jin • Xun Yu • Cao Xiu • Man Chong • Xun You Zhou Yu • Lu Xun • Taishi Ci • Sun Shangxiang • Sun Jian • Sun Quan • Lu Meng • Gan Ning • Huang Gai • Sun Ce • Daqiao • Xiaoqiao • Zhou Tai • Ling Tong • Ding Feng • Lianshi • Lu Su • Han Dang • Zhu Ran • Cheng Pu • Xu Sheng Jin Sima Yi • Sima Shi • Sima Zhao • Deng Ai • Wang Yuanji • Zhong Hui • Zhuge Dan • Xiahou Ba • Guo Huai • Jia Chong • Wen Yang • Zhang Chunhua • Xin Xianying Other Diaochan • Lu Bu • Dong Zhuo • Yuan Shao • Zhang Jiao • Meng Huo • Zhurong • Zuo Ci • Chen Gong • Lu Lingqi • Dong Bai • Hua Xiong • Yuan Shu Miscellaneous Characters Shu NPCs • Wei NPCs • Wu NPCs • Jin NPCs • Other NPCs • Bodyguards • Edit Characters • Phoenix, Dragon, Chimera • Shin Sangoku Musou Blast Officers • Fu Xi • Nuwa • Xiang Yu • Beauty Yu • Xi Wangmu • King Mu • Sanzang • Sun Wukong • Lei Bin • Lixia Factions Yellow Turbans • Han Dynasty • Ten Eunuchs • Dong Zhuo's Forces • Allied Forces • Lu Bu's Forces • Gongsun Zan's Forces • Liu Yao's Forces • Yuan Shu's Forces • Liu Biao's Forces • Liu Zhang's Forces • Yuan Shao's Forces • Forces in Xiliang • Five Bushel Sect • Nanman.


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0:15 his Nick Name. Warriors Orochi 2 (2008) Developed by Omega Force for PS2, PSP, X360 This game starts with the defeat of Orochi at the end of the first game, the new land consisting of the warriors from the Three Kingdoms Era of China and the Warring States period of Japan found peace. It was, however, not destined to last. Former officers under the Orochi army broke away and formed their own armies, while others not affiliated with Orochi began to create armies of their own as well. All the while, an evil plot is in motion behind the scenes, to revive the greatest evil the world has ever known: Orochi himself. For some reason, I like the sweet Asian female voice more than any other type of female voice. Btw, me, Asian.

Wow so many kisses. im gonna go watch this lol. Something went wrong, but dont fret — lets give it another shot. Download full xiao quan. Xiao Qiao Information Hero Pearl Set(s) Sanguo Released Version 3. 9. 10 Features Skill Icons Listed Price 700 Description [ edit source] Xiao Qiao spent most of her childhood getting rescued by her older sister Da Qiao after Xiao found herself in over her head due to mischief, but now that she is a young still counts on her big sister to be by her side when danger looms. However, Xiao Qiao is far from helpless in a fight, and she considers it her duty to repay her elder sister by now being the protective one on the battlefield. Patch Avatar Spotlight Pearl Alt Avatars Brann EA Only Shadian 390 1500 Ruby   450 3500 Good Witch Pearl 400 3000 Malice 390 2500 Aries   450 3500 Snowglobe 450 3500 Xiao Qiao 700 Popcorn 390 2500 [ Edit] Edit Info.

Download full xiao quest. Download Full Xiao quiz. Translated description: The Unconventional Flower 矫情之花 (jiǎo qíng zhī huā) Who is she: Wife of Zhou Yu 周瑜 and younger sister of Da Qiao 大乔, Xiao Qiao is the starry-eyed girl next door famous for her musical talent. As explained in my post on Da Qiao, the two sisters were one of the major reasons for the Kingdom of Sun Wu 孙吴 going to war with the Kingdom of Cao Wei 曹魏, which quickly resulted in the battle of Red Cliffs 赤壁之战. Xiao Qiao was notably more vocal and expressive than her aloof elder sister, thus it seemed like Xiao Qiao was the more musically talented of the two, but it has been argued that Da Qiao is equally skilled in music and just chooses to play only for her beau Sun Ce 孙策. Character ability 1: Heavenly Scent 天香 (tiān xiāng) Whenever you receive any damage, you can choose to pass the damage on to any other player by discarding an on-hand card that has a suit of "hearts. The victim that receives the damage gets to draw X number of cards from the deck, X being the total amount of health loss (measured from the character's maximum health level) after the deflection. (Xiao Qiao is left unscathed once the damage is passed to another player. For example, Xiao Qiao receives 2 units of damage and she discards ONE on-hand card of "hearts" suit to pass the damage on to Zhang Fei 张飞 (who currently has 2 units of health left with a maximum health of 4. Zhang Fei loses 2 units of health due to damage passed by Xiao Qiao, however he does not get to draw 4 cards (Max health = 4, subtract current health = 0, equals 4 cards to draw) until he has been rescued from the brink of death. ) Character ability 2: Enforced ability] Youthful Beauty 红颜 (hóng yán) You will always regard all cards with a suit of "spades" as the suit of "hearts. This effectively means that her "Heavenly Scent" ability will also work if she discards a "spade" since it is regarded as a "heart. This also means that LIGHTNING will NEVER strike her since she is the one that conducts the judgement for LIGHTNING and it requires "spades" to strike. An additional bonus is that she has a stronger chance of overcoming ACEDIA since judgement card of "spades" will equal to "hearts. Ability's relation to story: Neither of her abilities have any link to the story. Despite her "Heavenly Scent" being horrifyingly powerful, there is just no mention in the story about anything related to her scent doing demonic damage. Additional info based on story: 1. Most famous achievement - Marrying the brilliant Zhou Yu. I know it sounds derogatory to say that marrying someone of stature is an "achievement" but she would probably have been viewed upon with envy in her time. Besides, there really isn't much material I can work with here. 2. Cause of death - Unknown. Conflicting stories mixed with contaminated legends have churned out an array of different endings for Xiao Qiao. The two most common are "grieving for Zhou Yu till she died of old age" and "dying of illness. FAQ and Disambiguation 1. Who can Xiao Qiao deflect damage to? Ans: Xiao Qiao can deflect damage to anyone including the attacker. 2. Since all spade cards count as hearts for Xiao Qiao, When she flips a judgement could Si Ma Yi substitute with a spade to hurt her? Ans: No it cannot hurt her even if the judgement card is changed. The reasoning is the same as Zhang Jiao's lightning strike: the judgement card is considered as flipped by Xiao Qiao. Even if it was changed, it is still viewed as Xiao Qiao's judgement card spades will be viewed as hearts even if changed by Si Ma Yi. 3. If I equip Frost Blade   寒冰 剑  and attack Xiao Qiao, what happens if she redirect the damage? Ans: You can choose not to deal with her damage, in which case she can no longer redirect the damage. She would thus be forced to discard cards. This is one of the critical ways to disarm her. The weapon (Frost blade) works very well against her. 4. Who is the source of damage when it is passed on, Xiao Qiao or the player who dealt damage to her? Ans: The player who dealt the damage. All retalliation/rewards goes back to the player who use the cards and not Xiao Qiao. eg: Ruler attacks Xiao Qiao and she passes damage to Loyalist. Loyalist dies = Ruler discard all cards and equipment. -Ruler attacks Xiao Qiao and she passes to Rebel. Rebel dies =Ruler gains 3 cards rewards. 5. Can Xiao Qiao detect /redirect Barbarians/Raining Arrows/Duel? Ans: Yes and No No: She cannot deflect the effect of these cards unto another player. Meaning she cannot ' deflect' Barbarians and ask another player to use ATTACK to neutralize the card. Yes: She can deflect the damage she suffers if she DOES NOT neutralize the card. Meaning, if someone uses Barbarians and she chooses not to use  ATTACK, she sufferes 1 damage. She can transfer the damage to another player. That victim receive the damage straight-up, can no longer use the ATTACK to neutralize the card  because what is transferred is Damage  and not the card effect. 6. If Xiao Qiao is challenged with someone who cannot be avoided such as Huang Xhong or Ma Chao, can she deflect the injury? Ans: Yes. It does not matter if the attack can be avoided. She transfers damage that she receives which mean the attack is already concluded by that point. 7. If Xiao Qiao is locked in Iron Shackles and receives the fire damage, does the damage travel through the chains when she uses her power? i. e Does she get hurt before she is able to pass the damage and then return to health, or does she never receive the damage at all? Ans: Xiao Qiao can only pass the damage on AFTER receiving damage. Thus it is logical to say that the fire attack is channeled to the relevant victims already. 8. If Zhang Fei is at 1 health and Xiao Qiao deflects 2 units of damage to Zhang Fei, and Zhang Fei is peached 2 times, woul that mean he is able to draw 5 cards? Ans: No there is no concept of negative health in SGS. Even for  Zhou Tai, he is considered at zero health regardless of how many death cards he has. Thus the max number of cards to draw would be the max health of the victim, and no more. 9. If Xiao Qiao redirect the damage to another shackled player, would the shackled player receive the deflected damage + the transmitted damage from the initial attack. Ans: Yes. This unfortunate player would receive both damages. 10. Only Da Qiao can enter the ' initial target' status for Iron Shackling right? Where as if Xiao Qiao is the initial target, she can't alter the initial target? Ans: Yes, Da Qiao can enter the initial target, Xiao Qiao cannot. 11. If I am playing as Xiao Qiao and I am linked with IRON SHACKLES to another player who is the target  of Fire Attack; can I loop the damage of the fire element back to the original target multiple times as long as I have the hearts cards to play? Ans: You can deflect the damage you receive that was passed by the shackles. But that will only happen once, because the shackles will be broken. You can deflect infinite number of times, as long as you have the hearts or spades. Just that for the shackles, it breaks after each transmit.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. Overview Xiao Qiao is a figure from Romance of the Three Kingdoms and one of two beautiful sisters referred to as the "Two Qiaos. She became the wife of the Wu strategist Zhou Yu, while her sister Da Qiao married Sun Ce, the ruler of Wu. A rumor that Cao Cao wanted to claim the sisters for himself was in part responsible for prompting Wu's participation in the Battle of Chibi. Dynasty Warriors In most of the Dynasty Warriors games that she appears in, Xiao Qiao's weapons are a pair of twin folding fans. She is also generally depicted as the more childish and excitable of the Qiao sisters.

Belom move on dong dari filmnya😣. Download full xiao qr. Download full xiao qatar. Best person ever so good if it wasnt for these people we wouldnt have faith in humanity. Like if u agree. Reachfan, a commenter on my fanfic, in regards to my epilogue: I would love to read a whole sequel about these characters! me: aw, that is so flattering, but Im not writing a sequel to Clouds and Rain Im not writing a sequel. Im definitely not  writing a sequel. … … … So Im writing a sequel… IM SORRY I CANT When the third chapter of my epilogue (and the fact that my epilogue had chapters really should have been my first clue but I was in denial) had to be split into two and it still wasnt even close to done, that was when I realized I had to make it be its own page on AO3. So. The sequel title is “One Side Clouds, the Other Rain 翻雲覆雨” and I updated it with two new chapters today, chapter three “耳鬓厮磨 (Thick as thieves. )” and chapter four “行不更名,坐不改姓 (I stand by my name, no matter what. )” I got some more OC names to share! Including a style name! So Fa Dian 法奠 whose name I explained in previous OC posts needed a style name and I chose to have him receive the name 君成 Juncheng. “Jun” which means “gentleman” has an even stronger sense of “nobility of spirit” than the English word has, because of its philosophical use. Cheng here means “become”. Fa Dian is a bit of what Ive heard people call a “eupocrite” as an antonym to “hypocrite”: someone who acts like a “bad person” (by societal standards at least) but is actually a very good person underneath. The person who gave him the style name is actually kind of gently poking at him here. Ive also been thinking pretty hard about giving the Qiao sisters personal names in the Clouds and Rain universe! It bothers me that nobody in the original history thought their personal names deserved to be remembered. Names are important, and ancient Chinese culture thought that names were really  important, but they didnt think that women were important, and thats the sum of it. It makes writing as an author very weird when I have to avoid using their names in situations where their names would be used. Its bothered me a long time, but I havent felt worthy, I guess, to come up with names for them. Obviously we cant know what their names were. But I was thinking about 雅金 Yajin “elegant gold” for Da Qiao and 雅絲 Yasi “elegant silk” for Xiao Qiao. So there are layers here. 雅樂 yayue with the same ya “elegant music” was the court music for rituals in ancient China. This sacred music was very strict in what instruments could be used and the instruments were organized by material. “Silk” and “gold/metal (its the same character in Chinese)” were two of these categories. Music is obviously heavily associated with Zhou Yu, who marries Xiao Qiao; as for “gold/metal”, people who have read Clouds and Rain will I think be able to guess what Im getting at when I choose that for Da Qiao. Originally posted by wigglytuffs Anyway. Qiao Yajin and Qiao Yasi. I think theyre good names. I hope they are because I love them. I intend at some point to go back and edit my previous works to give them these names, probably starting with the one-shots I wrote about them.

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Li Q Xiao age: 52 Known as: Q Xiao, Qiu Xiao, Qui Xiao, Hong Koo, X Qiu, Li Q Xlao... Related to: Fu Hong, 57 Koo Hong, 57 Tai Hoang, 79 Xiao Qiu, 53 Hong Koo, 57... Has lived in: Grovetown, GA Salisbury, MD Coral Springs, FL... Charlie Q Xiao age: 62 Known as: Q Xiao, Li Xiao, Quinlin Xiao, Charlie L Xiao... Related to: Jinxi Li, 26 Linglei Li, 28 Xiao Li, 63 Xiaomei Li, 49... Has lived in: Hacienda Heights, CA Alhambra, CA Las Vegas, NV... Qi Xiao age: 60 Known as: Q I Xiao, Qi I Xiao, Qi Yao Related to: Name No, 62 Felicia Yao, 34 Jingshu Yao Lucy Yao Piyun Yao, 95... Has lived in: Clarksburg, MD Rockville, MD Brookfield, WI... Qiang Xiao age: 62 Known as: Q Xiao, Oiang Xiao, John Q Xiao, Xiao Qiang Related to: Xiaosong Qin, 76 Xiaoqin Zeng Pao Zheng Christina Chang... Has lived in: Flushing, NY Fresh Meadows, NY Queens, NY... Qiurong Xiao age: 64 Known as: Q Xiao, Qiurong C Xiao, Xiao Quirong, Rong X Qiu Related to: Daxin Li, 38 Junyan Li Kaiyan Li, 68 Ying Xiao, 67... Has lived in: West Roxbury, MA Franklin, TN Mahwah, NJ... Qingfu Xiao age: 58 Known as: Q Xiao, Qing-Fu Xiao, Quinn Xiao, Qingfu O Xiao... Related to: Hung Xiao, 43 Ted Xiao Teddey Xiao, 24 Yong Xiao, 44 Bruce Xiao... Has lived in: El Macero, CA Davis, CA Woodland, CA... Qijin Xiao age: 43 Known as: Q Xiao, T Xiao, Qiaobin Xiao, Jimmy J Xiao, Qijin J Xiao... Related to: Shusong Lin Junwu Xiao Keith Xiao Q Xiao Tim Xiao, 46 Jin Qi Has lived in: Philadelphia, PA New York, NY Phila, PA... Qun P Xiao age: 51 Known as: Q Xiao, Qunpan Xiao, Xiao Xiao, Pan Q Xiao... Related to: Zhi Li, 40 Hong Lin, 70 Zhi Liu, 54 Hui Xiao, 28 Mei Xiao, 57... Has lived in: Winston Salem, NC Dix Hills, NY Concord, NC... Qi W Xiao age: 42 Known as: Q Xiao, Qing Xiao, Q Liao, Qiwen W Xiao, Qi X Xiao... Related to: Edwin Li, 34 Jason Li, 41 Anna Li, 43 Zhi Liu, 56 Jing Yang, 34... Has lived in: Leland, NC Wilmington, NC Brunswick, NC... Qinghuan Xiao age: 47 Known as: Q Xiao, Quinghuan Xiao Related to: Fang Ye, 51 Xiaolan Ye, 55 Maorong Chen, 37 Xiao Chen, 48 Q Xiao... Has lived in: Lilburn, GA Decatur, GA Atlanta, GA...

Start rabu 16 oktober 22:25 setelah finish legend of the blue sea😍. Page Transparency See More Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Page created - November 15, 2010. Awesome 😙❤👍. Upload english sub until ending please ❤❤. Find Quizzes Filter Results By: Search For: Polls Surveys Questions Scored Quizzes Personality Quizzes Search In: Title Tags Answers SEARCH Find Stories Single-Author Stories Group Stories Chain Stories Find Users Filter Results By: Age: from: to: Gender: Distance: Within: miles of zip code: SEARCH.

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Una pregunta cuando traduciran los capitulos 26 en adelante solo salen en ingles. Saludos desde Chile 😘😘😘. Download Full xiao zhu. Xiao Xiao Q (Xiao Q) is on Facebook. To connect with Xiao, sign up for Facebook today. Biasa nya klw iklan sering di skip. Tp lama kelama, an koc penasaran ya sm ni flm eh pada akhir nx nonton jg, 😁😍.

Download full xiao quilt. Download full xiao question. Download full xiao queen. Da Qiao 大橋 A Qing dynasty block print of Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao Born Unknown Died Unknown Spouse(s) Sun Ce Parent(s) Lord Qiao (father) Relatives Xiao Qiao (sister) Xiao Qiao 小橋 Born Unknown Died Unknown Spouse(s) Zhou Yu Parent(s) Lord Qiao (father) Relatives Da Qiao (sister) Two Qiaos Da Qiao Traditional Chinese 大橋 Simplified Chinese 大桥 Literal meaning Older Qiao Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Dà Qiáo Wade–Giles Ta Ch'iao Xiao Qiao Traditional Chinese 小橋 Simplified Chinese 小桥 Literal meaning Younger Qiao Transcriptions Standard Mandarin Hanyu Pinyin Xiǎo Qiáo Wade–Giles Hsiao Ch'iao The two Qiaos, as painted by Gai Qi, 1799 The Two Qiaos of Jiangdong ( traditional Chinese: 江東二橋; simplified Chinese: 江东二桥; pinyin: Jiāngdōng èr Qiáo) were two sisters of the Qiao family who lived during the late Eastern Han dynasty of China. In historical records [ edit] The Qiao sisters' names were not recorded in history, so in later times they are simply referred to as Da Qiao (literally "older Qiao" and Xiao Qiao (literally "younger Qiao. They were from Wan County (皖縣) Lujiang Commandery (廬江郡) which is in present-day Anqing, Anhui. Da Qiao married the warlord Sun Ce, who established the foundation of the state of Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms period; Xiao Qiao married Zhou Yu, a general who served under Sun Ce and later under his successor Sun Quan. [1] Sun Ce jokingly told Zhou Yu: Elder Qiao and his two daughters have been roaming around, so I am sure now he is glad to have us as his sons-in-law. 2] In Romance of the Three Kingdoms [ edit] The Qiao sisters are featured as characters in the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, which romanticises the historical events before and during the Three Kingdoms period. In the novel, the Chinese character for "Qiao" in their names, 橋/桥, is replaced with 喬/乔. In the novel, the Qiao sisters are the daughters of a certain Qiao Guolao (喬國老; literally "State Elder Qiao. possibly referring to Qiao Xuan. Zhou Yu 's biography in the third-century historical text Records of the Three Kingdoms did not mention the name of the Qiao sisters' father, who was simply referred to as Qiao Gong (橋公; literally "Elder Qiao" or "Lord Qiao. Historically, Qiao Xuan died in 184, 3] while the Qiao sisters married Sun Ce and Zhou Yu around 199, 1] 4] so it was not possible that Qiao Xuan was still living when the marriages took place. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that Qiao Xuan was the "Qiao Gong" mentioned in Zhou Yu's biography. In Chapter 44 of the novel, Zhuge Liang tells Zhou Yu that Cao Cao 's desire to have the Two Qiaos for himself is evident in "Ode to the Bronze Sparrow Platform" 銅雀臺賦) a poem written by Cao Cao's son Cao Zhi. An enraged Zhou Yu then hardens his decision to convince Sun Quan to ally with Liu Bei against Cao Cao. (See List of fictitious stories in Romance of the Three Kingdoms#Zhuge Liang's mission to Jiangdong for details. ) In popular culture [ edit] The Qiao sisters are featured as playable characters in Koei 's Dynasty Warriors and Warriors Orochi video game series. The anime Koihime Musō and Ikki Tousen make references to Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao as well, in which they are known by their respective names in Japanese – Daikyō and Shōkyō. Taiwanese supermodel Lin Chi-ling starred as Xiao Qiao in the 2008 Chinese epic war film Red Cliff directed by John Woo. In the film, it is surmised that Cao Cao's infatuation with Xiao Qiao is the reason why he invaded Sun Quan's lands and initiated the battle. Chinese actress Huang Yi portrayed Xiao Qiao in Just Another Pandora's Box, a spoof of Red Cliff. Cai Hancen and Tsai Yi-chen portrayed Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao respectively in the 2009 Taiwanese television series K. O. 3an Guo, a spoof of Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a modern high school setting. Chinese actresses Liu Jing and Zhao Ke portrayed Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao respectively in the 2010 Chinese television series Three Kingdoms. The Qiaos are featured as "gods" in the Japanese mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, as part of the Three Kingdoms God series. [5] The "Two Qiao's of Jiangdong" are featured in Sega's Total War: Three Kingdoms as a workshop mod. See also [ edit] Eastern Wu family trees#Sun Ce Lists of people of the Three Kingdoms References [ edit] a b (頃之,策欲取荊州,以瑜為中護軍,領江夏太守,從攻皖,拔之.時得橋公兩女,皆國色也.策自納大橋,瑜納小橋.) Sanguozhi vol. 54. ^ 江表傳曰:策從容戲瑜曰:「橋公二女雖流離,得吾二人作壻,亦足為歡.」) Jiang Biao Zhuan annotation in Sanguozhi vol. 54... 橋]玄以光和六年卒,時年七十五.) Houhanshu vol. 51. ^ Sima (1084) vol. 63. ^ Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao stats, skills, evolution, location - Puzzle & Dragons Database... Chen, Shou (3rd century. Records of the Three Kingdoms ( Sanguozhi. Fan, Ye (5th century. Book of the Later Han ( Houhanshu. Luo, Guanzhong (14th century. Romance of the Three Kingdoms ( Sanguo Yanyi. Pei, Songzhi (5th century. Annotations to Records of the Three Kingdoms ( Sanguozhi zhu. Sima, Guang (1084. Zizhi Tongjian.

Today most people dont have enough time to take care of their health. You cannot even walk on the street about 10 minutes in the evening, because you are very tired after the work. Xiaomi understand the customers, so it offered the best solution to the problem. At the end of 2018, the Chinese company introduced its new treadmill called Xiao Qiao SmartRun. The gadget is available on crowdfunding platform. Xiao Qiao SmartRun is the third smart treadmill from Xiaomi. We already made review of Xiaomi WalkingPad A1. New treadmill received a folding design, a large display and silent system. Also, it can reach the speed of up to 12 km/h. In this article, we will make the first review of new Xiao Qiao SmartRun, and find our how it differs from previous models of Xiaomi smart treadmills. Lets start with the specification. Xiao Qiao SmartRun: Specification Motor: Fuji Maximum speed: 12 km/h; Maximum weight: up to 100 kg; Power: 0. 75 horsepower; Voltage: 220 Volts; Display: LED Dimensions in assembled form: 1490 mm x 202 mm; Dimensions in disassembled form: 1182 mm x 1490 mm x 700 mm; Weight: 39. 5 kg. Xiao Qiao SmartRun: Design Xiaomi Xiao Qiao SmartRun has a stylish and minimalist design. It is made in gray-white colors. The dimensions of new Xiaomi treadmill when folded are 1490 mm x 202 mm, and in unfolded – 1182 mm x 1490 mm x 700 mm. The weight of the treadmill is small – about 39. 5 kg. Thanks to the folding design and low weight, it is easy to place in a small apartment. A universal and stylish design allows Xiao Qiao SmartRun to become part of any interior. Xiao Qiao SmartRun consists of two parts: the treadmill itself and the handle, which you can hold onto while walking or jogging. The handle has a large monochrome display. It displays your workout details, such as speed, time, etc. Under the display there is a big red lever, which is designed for an emergency stop of the track. It can be very useful if you feel bad during a workout or you need to urgently stop the track. To quickly fold or unfold the treadmill, you need to press a small lever on the left side. The assembled Xiao Qiao SmartRun can be lifted and even stored in an upright position, so it will take up even less space. Xiao Qiao SmartRun: Functions Now lets review the main functions of new Xiaomi smart treadmill. Xiao Qiao SmartRun is equipped with an electric motor from Fuji. The voltage is 220 volts. The track has a power of 0. 75 horsepower, and it can reach the speed of up to 12 km/h. By the way, the maximum weight supported by SmartRun is 100 kg. It means that the treadmill can be used for both medium and large enough weight. As we wrote earlier, there is a large display and touch buttons on a handle. They allow turning on/off the device, select the mode and speed. The screen displays information about your workouts. Also, you can use a special application on smartphone. Mobile app provides more detailed information about your health and activities. The treadmill has a photoelectric sensor for measuring heart rate. It is located on the handle, to the left of the display. The data from the sensor will be displayed on the display and on your smartphone. Another nice feature of Xiao Qiao SmartRun is the special Silkworm technology. This is a shock absorption system that will help avoid knee injuries while running. In addition, the system suppresses noise during device operation. New treadmill Xiao Qiao SmartRun is not only safe for your feet, but also silent. This makes it even more convenient to use at home. You can play sports in the morning and not interfere with your relatives and neighbors in the next room. Xiao Qiao SmartRun: Price So, we finished the first review of Xiaomi smart treadmill. Xiao Qiao SmartRun has a stylish folding design, shock-absorbing system, a large display and a heart rate sensor. The official price of Xiaomi Xiao Qiao SmartRun starts from 145. The sales will begin January 24, 2019. Source:  youpin.

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