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Publisher: Janus Films
Biography: The preeminent U.S. distributor of foreign and classic films for more than 50 years.

Audience Score=47568 Votes Reviews=Idi i smotri is a movie starring Aleksey Kravchenko, Olga Mironova, and Liubomiras Laucevicius. After finding an old rifle, a young boy joins the Soviet resistance movement against ruthless German forces and experiences the horrors directed by=Elem Klimov Soviet Union year=1985 cast=Liubomiras Laucevicius. Here's my number 1 most realistic sports movie: the 2018 World Cup final. It was so realistic that it literally was the actual game! 😱 Smh. Idź i patrz download torrent windows 7. Idi i smotri Movie 100% FREE. Idź i patrz download torrent version. Currently watching this in 6/6/2019. 75th anniversary of the D-Day landing.

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It's still quite unbelievable what happened in ww2. We have been cultured to understand it. This film shows the change from humanity to inhumanity. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent for sale. Watch idi i smotri movie 1080p download idi I sMotrI movie stream free Watch Idi i smotri movie with english subtitles, Watch Idi i smotri full movie to download…. Idź i patrz Download torrentfreak. Honestly, this looks like the most depressing movie of all time but. those shots are breath taking. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent price. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent photos. Idź i patrz download torrent gratis. Sinopse: Bielorrússia, 1943. O jovem camponês Florya (Aleksei Kravchenko) é cooptado por um despreparado grupo de guerrilheiros antinazistas. Em confronto com os alemães, o garoto é deixado para trás e decide retornar ao seu vilarejo. Chegando lá depara-se com o desolador cenário de um massacre. Perturbado, ele passa a vagar sem rumo, presenciando cenas cada vez mais fortes. Impressionante filme russo. Um dos mais importantes dos últimos tempos. Vá e Veja é uma experiência de dor e perda. Considerado selvagem e lírico, o filme narra a trajetória de Florya, um jovem separado de seus comandantes durante a Segunda Guerra Mundial. Elenco: Aleksey Kravchenko - Florya Gaishun (as A. Kravchenko) Olga Mironova - Glasha (as O. Mironova) Liubomiras Laucevicius - Kosach (as L. Lautsyavichius) Vladas Bagdonas - (as V. Bagdonas) Jüri Lumiste - German officer, a nazi fanatic Viktor Lorents - (as V. Lorents) Kazimir Rabetsky - (as K. Rabetsky) Evgeniy Tilicheev - Gezhel, German translator (as Ye. Tilicheyev) Aleksandr Berda - (as A. Berda) G. Velts - German V. Vasilyev Igor Gnevashev - Vasiliy Domrachyov - (as V. Domrachyov) G. Yelkin Evgeniy Kryzhanovskiy - (as Ye. Kryzhanovsky) Ficha Tecnica: Título Original: Idi i smotri Título em Ingles:  Come and See Título no Brasil:  Va e Veja Ano de Lançamento: 1985 País de origem:  União Soviética Gênero:   Drama,  Guerra Tempo de Duração: 136 min Direção:   Elem Klimov Informações do arquivo: Qualidade de video: Extensão do Arquivo: Avi Resolução: 704x528 Idioma:  Bielorrusso, Rússo, Alemão Legenda: Português Vídeo codec: XviD Audio codec: Ac3 Tamanho: 2. 29 Gb.

Idź i patrz Download torrente. The original uncut version was better. It was about 5 hrs long. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent black. A fairly accurate depiction of what the German did at the eastern front as well the occupied parts of Central Europe. Just for the record soviets were oftentimes little better themselves. Both of the totalitarian regimes committed unspeakable atrocities be it against other nations or their own people.

Idź i patrz download torrentz2. Idź i patrz download torrent hd. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent size. SIR YES SIR. Idź i patrz Download torrent search. Warning! Do NOT Download Without a VPN! Your IP Address is.   Location is Your Internet Provider and Government can track your download activities! Hide your IP ADDRESS with a VPN! We strongly recommend using a VPN service to anonymize your torrent downloads. It's FREE! START YOUR FREE TRIAL NOW! YouTube. God, I love this movie. Id c5 ba i patrz download torrent vs. Do not watch this movie light heartedly, possibly with a alcoholic beverage (it might help ease the pain. Klimov does an amazing job of jolting the audience and showing how close to annihilation we were when the Nazi's were trying to take over. Set in Byelonessia 1943, a little boy is digging in hopes of finding guns or grenades that have been left behind. He finds a rifle, which he is so happy about, but doesn't realize the events that have been set by him now trying to be a solider. Klimov does an excellent job of showing "glasnost" creating a vertical relationship with the audience, and a holds no bar kind of feeling. The audience experiences everything with the Flor, from his hearing loss when the bombs go off, to swimming through the mud. You feel disgusting and want a shower as you watch this. All and all though, it is the triumph of the human spirit that shines through. Flor is put into unimaginable situations, where he must survive, grieve his family members who have all be killed, and become an adult before he is fully ready. There is a scene, where Flor finds bandages, and tries to bandage his rifle (as if that is going to fix it) but it is from a little boy's mentality who is obviously not really ready to take all this on. The Hitler Montage in the end, is perfect way to create another vertical relationship with the audience. It starts with images of men found in Nazi camps, and runs through everything down to the baby picture of Hitler. It makes you question and think, babies are suppose to be harmless and adorable. But this baby is responsible for killing thousands and thousands of people.


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